Dance at The Music Center Season Campaign

How do you create excitement about the living, breathing art form that is dance using the printed page? Traditionally you would use beautiful still photography, but we’ve done that hundreds of times and wanted to push ourselves to try something unique. To our delight, long-time client, Dance at The Music Center, was feeling adventurous too. We employed a cinematic technique called ombro that uses a semitransparent fence passed across images that are separated into frames within one still to create an animated brochure.

To create a full season campaign the concept also needed to work for cases where there would be no fence to create movement: ads, 3-sheets, postcards, etc. So we determined that we’d use a mix of moving dancers, and static dancers paired with moving type to be prepared for all scenarios. As we experimented, we realized that the series of unfenced frames were like afterimages, or impressions. These gave way to the words paired with each image—adjectives describing the varied lasting impressions the viewer could be left with by experiencing the companies this season.

Winner of the Gold Award in the Creativity 43rd Print & Packaging Awards!

Try the digital demo we created here.